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Fire Fighting

Our short is easy – to guard you and your property from the threat of fire。 Our giant variety of fire system include CO2?Fire Fighting?Extinguishers, Dry Chemical Powder fireplace Extinguishers, AFFF hearth Extinguishers, Water hearth Extinguishers, Halotron Fighting Extinguishers, Water Mist fire Extinguishers, moist Chemical fire Extinguishers, automated Dry Chemical Powder fire Extinguishers, hearth Hose Reels, fireplace Hose shelves, ,hearth Hose Reel shelves, fireplace Hydrant device, hearth Sprinkler system, hearth Hose Reel gadget, fireplace Extinguisher shelves, hearth Alarm device traditional & Addressable type, fireplace Suppression structures like FM-200 / NOVEC 1230/ CO2 structures and all varieties of fireplace Hydrant accessories like fireplace Hose Coupling, Hydrant Valves, Nozzles etc


We provide complete personal protective equipment?(PPE) vary for all quite environments to incorporate hearth?Helmets, Safety Helmets,Full Face Masks, Face Masks, Disposable Masks, Safety Glasses and glasses, Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs, Work Uniform, Heat wear, hearth Suits i。e, Aluminized and Nomex , Cotton Gloves, Cotton Polka Dotted, animal skin Gloves, attachment Gloves, electrical Gloves, Safety Shoes, Fire Shoes, Self Controlled breathing device, resistance and Tagout, Spill Kits etc


Offering you the best systems on the market … interloper alarms, perimeter security, HD-CCTV, access management , practice Gates/ Walk through gates , hand-held Metal Detectors, all designed to stay you safe and your property secure。


All systems need maintenance to ensure on-going potency. Everything we provide across hearth and security detection and responsiveness is insured by a full support package for complete peace of mind.

Our Products

Fire Pumps

With over thirty years of experience in residential renovation design and over 16,000 renovation plans delivered to this day.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Homeowners can have confidence in their choice of a metal roofing contractor knowing they have met certain requirements in their services。

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Fire Extingusihers

As the general contractor, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients. We value our role in the success of your project.

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Fire Hydrants & Valves

There are different types of Fire Hydrant Valve like Double Headed Hydrant Valve, Screw Type Hydrant Valve and Single Headed Hydrant ...

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Fire Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system stores water under a certain pressure within its pipe lines。 When sensors inside the sprinkler heads are triggered 。。。

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Fire Hoses & Components

腾讯电竞?Fire Fighting Hoses & Nozzles Jet – Spray Branchpipes Turbo Nozzle 95 Turbo Nozzle 2000 Landing Valves & Dry Riser Equipment ...

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